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Lakkane is nominated for the SilverEco trophies 2020, in the category “Innovation products”.
The SilverEco trophies are awarded each year for innovative products, services contributing to the increase of life expectancy without incapacity, or helping elderly dependent persons and their caregivers daily.
SilverEco trophies are supported by the Ministry of Health and solidarity, along with the Ministry of Economy.

LAKKANE was supported by Atlanpole within the Innovative Businesses programe and received support from the Innovation and Development Network of Pays de la Loire Region, the Fondes and the Local Initiative Center of Saint-Nazaire.

LAKKANE decided to produce its device in France,  with the greatest respect for the environment. The partners and suppliers were chosen locally to reduce the company’s carbon footprint. LAKKANE products were eco-developed and meet quality requirement, notably through the use of sustainable and recycle materials. The materials are healthy, approved for contact with skin and food and were developed following strict specifications.


LAKKANE is a member of Atlanpole biotherapies.
Atlanpole biotherapies is an interregional competitive cluster Pays de la Loire – Bretagne – Centre Val de Loire, labeled by the Ministry of Industry.

LAKKANE is supported by Vivalab.
Vivalab is a system put in place by all the national pension funds.


LAKKANE is partnering with the two largest groups worldwide. We produce our KKANE and BEKKANE with recent and innovative materials as part of sustainable development. Our products are safe, certified and approved for contact with food ans skin. They are also recyclable, as they are eco-developed.

From the beginning of LAKKANE


LAKKANE founder

“I encountered the different problems of safety and comfort face by crutches and walking sticks users.

My mother slipped getting out the shower, when she tried to reach her walking stick laying a little too far away. Marked by this incident which could have had a sad outcome, I decided to find a solution to bring independence, safety and comfort to all users of walking sticks and crutches, because I’m convinced that technologies should improve the every day life of persons suffering a temporary of permanent loss of autonomy, disabled persons, elderly persons, injured, operated, sportsman/woman…

After three yars of research, BEKKANE, KKANE and DOKK were born.

The LAKKANE adventure began.”

The LAKKANE team

Special thanks

Marc Noël and the entire LAKKANE team wants to thank Ms Helene Bonsergent for her help since this adventure’s start. She showed a very spcial interest for the developed products, an unfalling support, and convinced of their usefulness for vulnerable people, she granted her confidence in the products and provided a boost for our start-up to pursue its research efforts and lead to these innovative products.