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For crutches, crutches, the aim is to link them together through the magnetic device LAKKANE, to stabilize them by setting them down and spread their feet. You will be able to hold them against yourself, a wall or a piece of furniture without any risk of them falling on the ground.
The BEKKANE device fits the vast majority of crutches. It will offer you a better prehension of crutches safely and an optimized stabilization.
This device helps preventing MSD (musculo-skeletal disorders), which usually requires additional medication, something which is sometimes prohibited for athletes.
With its special design, BeKKane takes up a large part of the inflammatory shockwave transmitted to the hand, wrist, elbow and sometimes the shoulder. BEKKANE, prevents blisters on hand through its material.
The installation and removal of the device on the handle is effortless and therefore allows for a perfect hygiene.

For users with only one crutch, the setup of the DoKK supplement will allow you to enjoy the full advantages of BEKKANE.

The KKane device adapts to every commercialized walking stick. Its material and design allows for a perfect attachment. It will be used effortlessly for your safety and comfort, due to its particularly light weight (less than 20 grams).

Your walking stick is always within reach, without falling thanks to the DOKK system setup in your home at crucial places (bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, toilets…)
You will not have to bend over to pick it up anymore, thereby reducing the risk of falling.

Find your walking stick still at the same place where you left it. KKANE also brings a real standard of living for visually impaired or non-sighted people, and people suffering memory loss or shaking disorders.

Used with a DoKK in your pocket, your walking stick also stays within reach outside and allows your hands to be free for everyday activities: washing your hands, putting food on your plate at a buffet, paying at the counter…

DOKK is the essential receiving system for KKane and BeKKane for an optimal safety at home.
Set up at crucial places, such as the entrance of the shower, your front door, near your bed or in your kitchen… where the falling risks are the more frequent.
It provides security for walking stick or crutches users through its setup at home, in every room and in every environment (including rooms likely to be wet).

Made of brushed stainless steel, its modern design discreetly fits in every types of interior.
Developed following precise specifications for healthcare facilities, it is intended to be disinfected several times per day.

Its setup is non-destructive and sustainable, using the latest generation of 3M adhesive.

Advantages of LAKKANE products for caregivers and cared-for

Fall prevention

Especially in at-risk areas such as bathrooms, toilets and passage areas. Installating receiving devices at the shower-exit allows crutches or walking sticks users to easily grab them since they are always within reach.

Independence, safety and comfort

LAKKANE products will bring you more independence, safety and a real comfort for persons of any age during their daily activities.

Prevention of MSD

MSDs (Musculo-skeletal disorders) are diseases affecting joints (hand, wrist, elbow and shoulder) that can develop through prolonged use of crutches. LAKKANE devices helps prevent these disorders thanks to the special BEKKANE design, which absorb a considerable part of the inflammatory showave.

Get more independence daily (to open doors, pay the purchases, take your change, wash your hands, etc.). Crutches and walking sticks will not fall anymore. They will be stabilized and always within reach.

Stay independent and free during each stay in shops equipped with DOKK receivers.

The list of equipped shopping facilities will soon be displayed on our website.

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