To falling crutches and walking sticks

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Les produits LAKKANE ont été pensés pour les utilisateurs, mais aussi pour leur entourage. Eco-conçus, recyclables et durables, LAKKANE fabrique en France.

Helps prevent musculo-skeletal disorders

Its innovative material, in shape of a cushion on the back of the BEKKANE, its conception and its particularly developed design help to reduce possible musculo-skeletal disorders caused by the daily and extended use of crutches. Hands, wrists, elbows and shoulders are relieved.

Always within reach

The magnetic device of BEKKANE allows the user to link the crutches together. The can (almost) be placed anywhere without falling. They are stable, and ALWAYS WITHIN REACH ! They can also help to pick-up metallic objects on the ground, like keys !

Better grip

BEKKANE’s conception, by its ergonomic design and its material gives an exceptional grip, without any risk of hand sliding on the handle. The risk of falling is therefore considerably reduced.
The plus : Installation and removal of the handle are very casy !

Optimized conception

KKANE sticks perfectly and discreetly to all walking sticks. Its very slight weight (<20g) allows for an effotless use. Its material and conception enable taking out and cleaning it very easily.

Always within reach

The KKANE magnetic device is used with the DOKK station. At home at strategic places (shower, kitchen, toilets, bedroom…), your walking sticks are always within reach. KKANE  is also outside, to ease daily activities with a DOKK in the pocket !

Your loved ones are relaxed

Loved ones are comforted by using KKANE and the setting up of its complementary DOKK at home. Through reducing falling risks, the user retrieves their independance, safety and finally their freedom !

Béquilles & Cannes
sont toujours

Sécurité des utilisateurs

Autonomie et Confort

Apportez dès maintenant sécurité, autonomie, confort et liberté à vos proches utilisant des cannes ou des béquilles.

“N’attendez plus pour être solidaire avec vos proches fragilisés, offrez-leur la possibilité de retrouver leur autonomie et participez à leur sécurité.
Et si vous êtes vous-même l’utilisateur, pensez à vous, prenez soin de vous ! Si vous ne le faites pas pour vous, faites le pour votre entourage : apportez leur de la sérénité.”

Marc Noël

Inventeur et fondateur de LAKKANE


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