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For everyone : you, with your walking stick or your crutches, yound peaople and older ones who occasionnally or daily use crtuches or walking sticks. Following an acident or a surgery of inferior members (hips, knees, feet). It is also meant for visually impaired or blind persons who will be able to find their walking stick within reach, as well as older persons suffering from memory disorder who will always have their eyes on their crtuches or walking stick.
Our products are also aimed at professionals, at every business receiving public, in particular to equip their premises according to CSR and simply with respect for the customer’s comfort and their vulnerability.


As you know, the aim of a walking stick or a crutch is to fall on the floor. Picking it up is a great risk.
LAKKANE magnetic devices will allow you to :
– Prevent falling or slipping risks.
– Avoid pain (musculo-skeletal disorders)

If you are a caregiver,  setting up the LAKKANE system at your loved one’s home will bring you peace of mind.

MSDs or musculo-skeletal disorders, are diseases which affect joints, especially hands, wrists, elbows and shoulders. These MSDs may appear following prolonged use oft crutches and remain painful long after use.

These MSDs often lead to additional use of strong medication, which may be prohibited, notably in sports competitions.

LAKKANE products helps preventing these disorders.

You should equip your home based on your needs. First and foremost, the bathroom, shower, clothing area, the toilets, near your bed, the front door and the kitchen. At each place you deem necessary. Don’t forget to bring a DOKK in your pocket when you go outside.


Yes, you can. We recommend a distance of at least35 cm between the magnetic devies and the pacemaker.

Their setup is easy and fast. We recommend reading the instructions and following the steps for an efficient setup.

For an optimal attachment, clean and take the grease off the surface before laying it with the provided wipe. Take the cap off the adhesive and glue it. Press firmly for 10 seconds. You can now immediately use it. However, we recommend a waiting time of 24 hours before first use. 

LAKKANE cleaning wipes are impregnated with isopropylic alcohol which has the main function of cleaning and taking the grease off the surface before they ayre glued. They can be used to combat Covid-19, notably to clean door handles, light switches, phones and all the different contact surfaces. 

DOKK must show an important resilience given its intended use, there is no planned obsolescence. We use the latest generation of powerful 3M adhesive. It is a desire on our side for your satisfaction. Therefore, it is important for the places where you place them to be well thought out. Some examples of strategic places where it may be desirable to set them up : near the front door, close to the bed, by the exit of the shower, in the toilets…. 

Yes, all LAKKANE products are washable with clean water, with of without soap. You juste need to remove the magnet and put it back once the product is dry. Concerning the DOKK, their design is following precise specifications allowing for daily cleaning and sanitization. 

Non, les produits LAKKANE ne comportent pas de latex. Par ailleurs, les accessoires sont composés avec des matériaux sains et sont agréés pour un contact peau et un contact alimentaire.

LAKKANE étant une jeune Start-up, les produits ne sont disponibles pour le moment que dans quelques pharmacies de l’ouest de la France.

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    Thanks to the magnetic devices, discover several tips which will facilitate your everyday life ! 

    – Don’t bend over to pick up your keys on the ground !

    – If you drop one crutch, pick it up using the other one !

    – With a DOKK in your pocket, you can secure your walking stick while you open a door, pick up some change or get some food from a buffet…

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