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Showyour customers you are taking care of them

You are receiving public and you are : a health center, a liberal caregiver, a social landlord, a hotel or a hotel network, a bank agency or a network of agencies, a retailer, a liberal profession, a building contractor, a developer of elderly housing, a nursing home, an architect… ?

Equip your premises with LAKKANE devices for the well-being of your customers.
Incorporate this well-being within your future real estate projects.

Take care of yoursel and your working environment

Say STOP to crutches and walking sticks that lay on the floor and disturb you within your daily work. Take also care of your employees. (CSR).


We would be happy to be your advisor and to provide you with a quotation based on your needs.

CSR : Corporate Social Responsability


Injuries and surgeries can happen to any of us. Youth/young ones, we all age, installing our products within future or already existing premises allows
to take into consideration impairments, whether they are intermittent or long-term. Our products allow everyone to live an easier every-day life by bringing independence and safety, at work and as a customer.


Our produtcs fit within the CSR field.
Through equipping yourself, you act not only for the well-being of your employees and customers, but also for your own.